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#include <R.h> /* required for R specific stuff */

#include <libintl.h>
#define _(String) dgettext ("mgcv", String)
#define _(String) (String)

/* comment in the following and out R.h for non-R use */

#define Rprintf printf
#define DOUBLE_EPS 2.3e-16 

/* #define MEM_CHECK and compile using the dmalloc library (dmalloc.com) to check for memory leaks 
   For R package compilation this means creating a file Makevars in the src directory containing the 
        PKG_LIBS = -ldmalloc
   At shell prompt type:
   dmalloc -l /where/to/put/logfile high
   (where logfile is the file name). Then start R and use the routines that call compiled code.
   Entry point functions all set to call dmalloc_log_unfreed() on exit, to allow leak chasing.

#ifdef MEM_CHECK
#include <dmalloc.h>

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